Innovative induction heating systems for processing precious and base metals.

HPT (Hot Platinum (Pty) Ltd) is a South African technology company focused on the development and manufacture of innovative induction heating systems for processing precious and base metals.

HPT combines energy efficient induction heating technology, with a high level of automation and system design to provide complete solutions, that produce consistent high quality results.

HPT's award winning technology is utilized in melting and casting applications, refining applications; metallurgical laboratories; foundries, jewellery production; dental laboratories; and metal processing applications; both locally and internationally. HPT's wide range of products include melting and casting systems; for platinum, gold, copper, steel and various other metals; with capacities from a few grams to large volumes. HPT also manufacturers vacuum remelt furnaces for laboratory applications; specialized vacuum melting furnaces, and customized heating solutions.

The company has a strong research base and a proven ability to supply innovative induction heating solutions combined with a high level of system automation; to meet the specific needs of ourcustomers. HPT's strong technical expertise ensures the highest level of technical support.

HPT's SM Series furnaces are compact, easy to use and affordable static induction solutions for melting gold, silver, copper and brass. These versatile systems are ideal for small mining operations, melting down old jewellery, small castings and processing scrap generated in production.

The ITM Series Tilt Induction Furnaces are energy efficient and cost effective solutions for melting and castings both precious and base metals. The systems are available with either a gas assisted manual tilting mechanism, servo motor controlled pouring system, or hydraulic controlled tilting system for safe, easy and controlled pouring of molten metal. HPT's efficient induction generator ensures rapid melting and thorough mixing of the molten metal with melting capacities from 10 kg to 1 ton of metal. The ITM series is also available in a High Temperature (HT) version capable of reaching 2000°C.

Manual Tilting

The ITM series manual tilt pouring systems uses a gas spring assisted tilt mechanism to ensure the safe and easy pouring of molten metal. With capacities up to 2400cc these systems are ideal for melting scrap jewellery, small castings and bar production

Servo Tilting

The TMS series of tilt induction furnaces are fully automated melting and casting systems. The melting and pouring process is accurately controlled to ensure consistent high quality results. The servo controlled pouring system allows the pouring speed and power applied to the melt to be accurately controlled. These systems are ideal for ingot and bar production.

Hydraulic Tilting

The ITM series of tilt induction furnaces are suitable for melting and casting large volumes of metal. These systems are fully automated making the system easy to use and ensuring the safety of the operator.pouring system allows the pouring speed and power applied to the melt to be accurately controlled. These systems are ideal for ingot and bar production.



The VHT Series incorporates HPT's innovative induction heating technology and cutting edge vacuum and automation systems to provide a complete solution for melting and casting high temperature metals in a digitally controlled vacuum and inert environment. The VHT is capable of melting various metals including palladium, stainless steel, gold, nickel and other specialized high temperature metal alloys. The VHT is ideal for mining, refining, and high volume production environments, and can be customised for the specific applications.

A high level of system automation ensures consistency in the process and allows all critical melting and casting parameters to be controlled and monitored. Automatic casting programs are also provided.

HPT's laboratory systems are ideal for the production of metal samples for emission or X-ray spectrometric analysis, calibration standards and alloy development. HPT's efficient induction generator ensures thorough mixing of the metal to produce samples with a homogenous composition, that are melt and cast in a vacuum inert environment.


The VHT 5K is a vacuum inert melting and casting system for production of sample metal discs. With crucible capacities up to 35cc the VHT 5K is ideal for production of small preparations. An optional external cooling system, as well as temperature control is available.


The VHT 10K is a fully integrated and automated system for production of metal samples. The easy to use touchscreen provides the user with full control of the process variables, ensuring consistent results. Available with crucible capacities to 85cc. The VHT 10K also incorporates an accurate temperature control system.


The VHT 20K incorporates cutting edge induction heating technology that is able to reach 2500°C in 60 seconds. The VHT 20K is ideal for melting and casting high temperature metals.

The award winning ICON 3CS is a compact and versatile induction machine designed for production of the finest quality platinum, stainless steel, gold and silver jewellery. The ICON 3CS incorporates patented technology to ensure consistent high quality results. The casting machine operates off a single phase 220V electrical supply. This, together with its wide melting range and ease of use makes it ideal for goldsmiths, design studios and manufacturers.

HPT offers a range of fully automated atomization systems for the production of fine metal powders.

HPT offers a range of products for commercial heating applications which include annealing, brazing and forging. High levels of automation can be provided for specialised heating applications.

A range of energy efficient induction power supplies are available from 3kW to 200kW units. These systems feature cutting edge IGBT/Power MOSFET technology and can be customised for different commercial applications. These units can be combined with complex automation to provide complete heating solutions for specialised applications.

HPT offers high quality consumables for all your induction heating applications.